An investment focused multi-family office

Growth Equity Solutions for Growing Companies

Whether you are contemplating new markets, expanding your sales team or even evaluating strategic M&A, we can help you fund your growth initiatives.
For years, we have employed a thorough process in evaluating the growth plans of our prospective partners to determine where we can deploy capital that leads to good outcomes for the Company and investors.

Strategic Acquisitions

Whether upstream, downstream or lateral, companies can often transform themselves fastest via a transformational acquisition.

Technology Investments

For some companies, a major investment in new sales software, ERP systems or business intelligence will lead to a revenue breakthrough.

Product Expansion

Whether its a brand new product line, new features for an existing product, or an overhaul of a successful product, all can drive increases in revenue.

Market Diversification

With a steady increase in availability of high growth international markets, it is more important than ever to be able to meet this demand.

Process Improvement

Improving processes, reducing expenses, expanding channels and improving existing products are strategies that all require investment capital and can yield dramatic revenue improvements.


In many cases, taking over the position of an existing shareholder represents a fast way for us to take a significant equity position while also providing capital for growth.