Growing Sales & Marketing

We can help companies transition to a more professional and automated sales and marketing effort.  It begins with a thorough evaluation of where your current sales process stands. We recommend a company complete one of several available sales effectiveness reports to identify exactly where capital and time will be allocated.

The report application we use helps company management:

  • Identify team dynamics that are preventing success;
  • Align your managers, territories and sales team the right way;
  • Train your team to play to strengths and compensate for weaknesses; and
  • Uncover how to get more out of your existing team members.

How the process works:

  • Establish Job Benchmarks – Key stakeholders will meet and identify the keys needed for success in the selling environment.
  • Assess Sales Team – Your sales team members will complete their personal assessment.
  • Analyze the Results – After your team has completed the assessment, we will analyze and compile the results into the report.
  • Debrief the Results – A talent management expert will review the data insights and recommended action steps to improve your sales team’s success.
  • Establish Training Next Steps – Based on the findings, training is recommended to improve challenge areas and improve overall sales effectiveness.