Building Sales & Marketing

By far, the leading reason most companies raise capital is to invest in sales and marketing. Once product-market fit is established, companies should be focused on building a great sales and marketing process.

In our experience, this requires companies to leverage the most relevant sales and marketing technology in order to scale.  Whether this is executed via outsourcing or by building teams and processes internally is company specific – both approaches work.

  • Companies should be building a company-specific sales process supported by strong software platforms that make closing sales, onboarding sales people and scaling much easier
  • Companies should be building a company-specific marketing process that is measurable, scalable, and focuses on the most important channels and sources of customers
  • Companies should have a very clear idea of their various customer journeys and build a marketing plan that addresses each and every step of that journey


How do we approach investments in sales and marketing?
We begin by auditing a company’s sales and marketing process:
  • Audit the process, system and tech stack that support sales and marketing;
  • Identify team dynamics that are preventing success;
  • Identify any areas for sales process reinvention that apply; and
  • Uncover how to get more out of your existing sales process.
What do we do with the results of our audit?
  • Establish KPIs – Key stakeholders will meet and identify the keys needed for success in the selling environment.
  • Assess Sales Team – Your sales and marketing team members will complete their personal assessment.
  • Analyze the Results – After your team has completed the assessment, we will analyze and compile the results into the report.
  • Debrief with Stakeholders – A talent management expert will review the data insights and recommended action steps to improve your sales team’s success.
  • Establish Next Steps and a Long Term Plan – Based on the findings, improve challenge areas and improve overall sales effectiveness.