Recruiting Talent

Don’t let business strategy be developed absent a thoughtful conversation on what talent needs you will have over the next months and years to execute on the strategy. In our experience, HR is too often trying to catch up to the staffing needs rather than having a measured plan in place to achieve hiring targets.

We have a process – We can conduct a thorough review of the hiring needs required for scaling

    1. Identify Organization Goals & Requirements
    2. Sourcing And Attracting The Talent
    3. Recruiting And Selecting The Talent.
    4. Employee Retention
    5. Promotion
    6. Performance Appraisal

Giving an unbiased view of your current team – We can see things that you cannot and can help identify key positions to be filled

Using our Rolodex – Recruiting specific players from our existing contacts and relationships to fill key posts

Getting your compensation scheme right – we can help create and implement a robust compensation program for your existing and potential C level executives

Evaluating leadership at add-on acquisitions – Due diligence of the C suite talent at potential acquisitions